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Best B Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore

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NIP College,One of The Best B Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore

Neelsaroj Institute of Pharmacy, acclaimed as the best pharmacy colleges in Bangalore, has been the best academic institution to foster pharmacy education providing that right combination for the education facilities and career exposures through productive placements for students. Since its inception, the NIP has established a formidable reputation in the domain of paramedical sciences and Pharmacy studies. The institution is a gateway to all those who want a great future in the fields of pharmacy, all credit goes to an experienced team of seasoned faculty members.

The Scope & Opportunities

The pharmaceutical sector is developing, and there is a growing demand for pharmacists all across the globe. Many Indians are realizing that there is a bright future waiting to be discovered. We at Neelsaroj Institute of Pharmacy- a leading Best B Pharmacy College in Bangalore, place a strong emphasis on the application of pharmacy knowledge as well as English proficiency because we recognize that the majority of our graduates will seek employment abroad. As a result, English is used as the medium of teaching, and experienced Nursing Tutors, Clinical Instructors, and Doctors are selected to provide students with a solid foundation in pharmaceutical sciences.

Being one of the top B Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore , NIP facilitates students to be allocated hospital activities in addition to lectures during their training time to gain the first-hand experience in various research and other specialties. Work in the fields of community nursing and family welfare are also part of the curriculum. We are glad to mention that 96% of our students have been placed in major organizations around the country and overseas after completing their course from NIP.

Our Vision

The exclusive vision of our institution is to grow exponentially as a frontrunner among all top B Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore in Pharmacy education, generating high-caliber human resources with solid character. We follow these core responsibilities-

  1. Dedication: Educating, training, and providing opportunities for students and educators to continue learning throughout their lives.
  2. Dissemination: broadcasting and implementing fresh knowledge derived from pharmaceutical, biological, and clinical research.
  3. Development: Boosting a sense of social, personal, spiritual, and professional values in our students and preparing them for a successful career.

Our Mission

Our Pharmacy College’s purpose is to prepare students to become outstanding trained pharmacy experts with professional ethics and managerial skills, as well as a dedication to society and the nation at large. Our primary goal is to be India's top academic center for cutting-edge multidisciplinary research, pharmacy education, patient care, and community service. Furthermore, NIP strives to strengthen our international leadership position, particularly in pharmaceutical research and education.

Our Core Values

  1. Professionalism

    In practice and research, we aim to promote principles, honesty, responsibility, and leadership, while equipping our learners with adept decision-making skills.
  2. Constant Progression

    Our Pharmacy College in Bangalore NIP strives for excellence in whatever we do while providing top- notch resources, infrastructure, and expertise to stimulate discovery and value innovation.
  3. Ethical Collaboration

    We encourage ethical behavior and seal out new ways to work together to enhance education, research, and practice on a local and global scale.

Top-Notch Facilities Provided

Basic Amenities

Our Pharmacy College’s library has a fantastic book collection. In addition to standard reference items, the library has current science journals and research publications. Male and female students have separate hostel facilities at the college. Students from all across the country and beyond use the facility, which caters to and cares about their needs.


Like other top B Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore, NIP has affiliations with a number of surrounding clubs and resorts that provide a variety of services such as swimming, badminton, multi-gym, and other activities. The campus has baseball, table tennis, volleyball, aerobics, and hockey facilities. The canteen is commonly accessible by students, staff, and visitors. At subsidized rates, the in-house canteen serves simple, tasty, and hygienic meals.

Student Care

NIP B Pharmacy College in Bangalore has a contemporary, well-equipped health care Centre where students can receive medical care and advice on health-related matters. The college has a contemporary, well-equipped health care Centre where students can receive medical care and advice on health-related matters. In the event of an emergency or particular medical requirement, the college is also registered with a reputable hospital close to campus.

Digital Support

Our top B Pharmacy College in Bangalore accommodates a huge computer lab with a capacity of accommodating many students. The networked systems are set up so that each computer has its own internet connection. The auditorium, like everything else at the institution, is built to worldwide standards and shows the college's dedication to providing students with the greatest possible facilities.

Reasons To Choose NIP - Best Among All B Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore

Recognized as one of the Top B Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore, NIP has a well-developed infrastructure. Our mode of teaching incorporates practical’s learning methods to assist students to understand how theoretical knowledge is applied in the actual world. The computer lab allows for both online and hands-on learning. One of the college's top priorities is to make sure that every student is happy and pleasant. Every effort has been made to provide students with the best possible facilities in order for them to conduct their studies in a pleasant and joyful environment.

NIP- Neelsaroj Institute of Pharmacy is one of the Top B Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore offering optimum study opportunities for B Pharmacy Course.

Karnataka is one of the prominent states in India with the highest standards of education systems that allow students for proper acquisition of Pharmacy degrees with broad career opportunities.

Students must have completed class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology in order to be admitted to the Pharmacy programs. Students must obtain a minimum of 50% on the qualifying exams.

Being the best among all Top B Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore, NIP offers the most suitable placement opportunities to students to work with affluent pharmaceutical companies with superior positions on both national and international scales.


The top courses provided by NIP Pharmacy College in Bangalore are- Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharma) and Bachelor in Pharmacy (B. Pharma).

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